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FLUIDGUY.com is a technical support/service company, specializing in Ultra High Purity, Sanitary and Industrial Orbital Welding Projects.  

High Purity Piping Fabrication & Installation Training CourseIntense “Hands On” instruction concentrating on Fabrication & Installation
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Orbital Welding Training

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High Purity Piping Fabrication & Installation Training Course

Intense “Hands On” instruction concentrating on Fabrication & Installation

Course curriculum prepares participants to fabricate and install high purity process piping systems as required in the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Aerospace and Food & Beverage Industries. Participants become proficient and certified in the programming and procedures of Orbital Welding which work on All Brands of Equipment. (AMI, Swagelok, Dimetrics, Orbitalum, etc.)


  • ASME Section IX Operator GTAW Certification
  • Extensive Education on Orbital Welding Variables (tig process, mechanics, programming, metallurgy, purging)
  • Installation Protocol Procedures: Cutting, Facing, Tacking, Fit-up & High Purity Material Handling
  • Advanced Purging Techniques designed to virtually eliminate inside diameter contamination (COLOR)
  • Application Welding Challenges: welds in the 6G, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions
  • Field documentation requirements and practices (weld log, coupon log, material certificates and basic isometric drawing/weld mapping)
  • FLUIDGUY High Purity Fabrication & Installation Certificate (meets or exceeds all current BPE, SEMI and NASA specifications)

Courses held in Cape Canaveral on Florida’s Space Coast

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Orbital Welding Experts

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